Sunday, October 01, 2006

Different rythms, different people

Reading random stuff I ran into this article about a society organized around the idea that whatever is "good" only comes in limited amounts, and that therefore each member is entitled to a fair share. In particular,

With the belief of the "image of limited good", these [people] would therefore condemn as immoral many of our Western economic and business practices and social behaviors. Among these would be our allowance of the amassing of great fortunes whilst others are poor, the driving of business rivals into bankruptcy, the unwillingness of many to be charitable in heart as well as mind. The list goes on.

Those naive people, questioning the infinite amounts of whatever is "good"... in fact, the absolute truth, our unquestionable right to have faith in that there will be an endless, ever exponentially growing supply of "good" things.

Wait a moment now. We already know that to be false. There are only so many resources on this planet, on other planets, in the universe as a whole. Their amount is not infinite. But we just go pretending they are because it is so much easier. Facing the facts and dealing with the consequences of our actions is tough when one is spoiled beyond repair. Our unchecked greed shortchanges us because, overall, we end up allowing whatever we hold dear to be destroyed. We know this too.

Regardless of which posture is more "correct", the fact remains. We are such primitive, selfish little beeeep...

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