Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Another amazing day at OOPSLA

The second demo went better with the feedback from Vassili, and it's still running in its alloted time. But of course it can still use some improvement. So this time I got feedback from some GemStone folks that, quite obviously, have been doing Smalltalk for a long time. Tomorrow's demo should be even better.

Here is something that I really appreciate about OOPSLA. If you are open to learning new stuff, if you are open to searching something that can make you better, and if you are open to finding how astonishingly wrong you can be about something... then this is a place to be. Personally, I'd rather get criticism from people with a lot of experience. Because otherwise, how am I going to get where these people got in less time than what it took them? Why should I go down a doomed path when I can avoid it?

More of the same, please.

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