Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Presentation at NYC --- another one coming up!

Well!... it was interesting...

I had all these problems with getting the laptop to use the projector properly. 40 minutes to get it to work really make me wonder if I wouldn't be happier with a Mac. Most likely, the NVIDIA drivers make sense to most people and I am just unable to use them properly. I still do not understand how the thing is supposed to work.

After that, however, things went better. Ahh, my friend, but if you weren't there... then you missed a working model of how things that can perceive their environment can also react to it!

I really enjoyed the conversations at the bar, and it was interesting to see how different people see things from different points of view. In addition, I was scheduled to do the OOPSLA demo in November. Details such as the date will be confirmed when we get closer.

See you at the next NYC SUG meeting!

PS: the meeting's address is 440 9th Ave, 8th floor.

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