Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Chapter 5 is done --- AGC is next

Roughly a year has gone by since I started writing the book. I just finished chapter 5, and the book draft is currently 232 pages long. Next comes a chapter called, in a quite self explanatory fashion,

AGC is Garbage Collect

This one should take longer to write, as I will have to create code that does not exist yet. So much to do, so much to write about!


Diego Gomez Deck said...

Hi Andres,

Can I download the draft of your book? I'd like to take a look at it!


-- Diego

Zephyr said...

echoing Diego - me too. (At this rate though, Andres is not going to sell too many copies when he is ready to go "live" ):)

Andres said...

Wow... thank you so honoring my work with your requests :). Alas, I cannot accept at this time. I hope you will understand.

However, to address Zephyr's concern, I do have a deadline. Whatever is not written by then will have to wait until the next time. A book is definitely coming out next year.

Anonymous said...

Small Correction - what I meant was that if many of us ask for draft copies of your book and you gave them out, you wouldnt be able to sell too many copies as we would all have the draft versions. I completely understand why you wouldnt give out drafts - there is some IP in there which you would want to protect.
Will certainly order a copy when you get done this year