Monday, August 21, 2006

Post #200 --- fun at the airport

I was at an airport not long ago, and something disturbing happened. I had just crossed the security checkpoint on the way out, and then...


The police style scream had just gone off, no question about that. I looked back, and I saw a bunch of security types running towards one of the metal detectors. Some of the people around me started running away.

But... hold on here... why are the the security types smiling? And now they are congratulating themselves, too. Oh. Nice joke. And oh by the way, this was after the water bottle fiasco at Heathrow.

Some people, man...


Anonymous said...

Okay, I give up. What exactly happened?

Andres said...

The security guys pretended to go after someone by a metal detector, screaming "freeeeeze!!!" and then running towards one of the checkpoints.

At this point people started running away. But I noticed that as soon as they got closer to the equipment, they smiled and then they congratulated each other. So it was all a joke.

Not my kind of humor :).