Tuesday, July 11, 2006

No Touch Button

Sigh... it has been so long... but it still feels like yesterday. There was this talented comic in Argentina, called Alberto Olmedo. He was very famous for contagious smile, for his spontaneous style, for his characters, and for frequently forgetting the script.

A star of many comedy films and theatre shows, he used to have his own TV programs as well. One of them was called "No Toca Botón", or "No Touch Button", quite literally. I remember the quite odd choice for its opening music very well, especially because it had French lyrics. In any case, I expected never to find out the name of the song.

But surprise surprise --- a friend of mine found it. The music of "No Toca Botón" is this:

Attention Mesdames et Messieur, by Michel Fugain

Bonus points: one of the ladies that worked with him sent his son to the grade/high school I attended.

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