Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Brain surgery? No problem!

While working on the benchmarks between hashing and binary search, I found a way to improve how hashed collections are implemented in VisualWorks.

So I simply changed how Set and all its subclasses manage objects in their internal storage array.

I didn't need to recompile the whole development environment, much less bring VisualWorks down. None of that. Just apply the changes and then tell all those collections to rehash themselves.

Oh, by the way... time to have it done: less than 10 minutes!!!

Priceless. Isn't Smalltalk a nice place to work in? :)

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aj said...

so right about soccer

It is all about timing like 95% and the other 5% is skill. Well maybe a little more skill and less timing but you get the point. LOL
- l8er