Friday, May 26, 2006

SHH, NO LA ARREGLE! (Shh, I did not fix it!)

Ahhh summer, what a nice time to be in New Orleans! People are voting*, schools have reopened*, and thus all is fine. Which brings us to the next hurricane season and its inescapable questions:

Who was held accountable for last year's disaster?

What has been done to address the issues since then?

Apparently we have not learned much. All those people dead for nothing. We just sent them to /dev/null, along with all those that were forced to move. How convenient. And on top of this, we have the audacity to proclaim ourselves owners and creators of eternal truth on all possible topics of discussion.

I am thinking that this time we will not need a category 3 storm to suffer serious damage, and that we are just asking for reality to slap us on the face some more.

So, what is it going to be then? More finger crossing for you, my friend? More of being told "we will prevail" after disaster strikes? Another round of gambling New Orleans against ever worsening hurricane odds?

This is what evolution is for us: the random walk of the highly pretentious monkeys.

* Don't these headlines look familiar?... oh look, gas futures are dirty cheap!!! Moooo!!! BUY BUY BUY!!!


James Robertson said...

The death toll for all of Louisiana for Katrina was 1296. Not nothing, no. But not the complete screw up that the media would have you believe it was, either.

Andres said...

Thanks for your comments! I agree, media tends to be biased one way or the other. But we certainly could have done much better than we did, both before and after Katrina, and what bothers me is that (to the best of my knowledge which could be wrong) a) nobody seems to have been seriously held accountable, and b) I do not feel there was a serious effort to hold anybody accountable. It feels a little bit as if we were accomplices by negligence. Besides the ~1300 deaths, there are the lives of the 1+ million people that were directly affected by the action and inaction of characters with first and last names. I wish I felt the country the victims live in respected them more. They are people too. But I digress --- I really hope the work done this last year has a chance to prove me wrong!

Andres said...

Just to clarify... when I wrote that we could have done much better before Katrina, obviously this is not something that went 100% wrong in just a few days. As James illustrated last year, this has been semi-broken for a long time --- see here and here, for example. We should not let the lives of so many people depend on sheer luck at russian roulette!