Friday, May 05, 2006

The pattern appears again

Bruce Badger of OpenSkills fame gave a presentation at NYC's Smalltalk User Group last Thursday. He adopted a very lightweight strategy to run a Smalltalk web server: develop in VW, push all the code to GemStone, and run headless with each Gem being an HTTP server.

Oh by the way the whole thing runs, shared page cache and everything, in 64mb of ram.

And I couldn't help thinking that it was a familiar approach. Indeed, I did something of that sort for the contest, where originally I had thought of several processes that would take a snapshot of the universe, think about it for a bit, and make new objects available to other processes. So... this MultiGem approach may work very well for AI-style problems.

Very nice Bruce! I really liked the "push all code to GemStone" button, followed by startUpOpenSkills script in a Unix shell --- and that's it, the web application is running with essentially zero time lag!

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