Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Smalltalk Solutions 2006 is over

What an amazing experience it has been to be able to share interests and points of view with extremely sharp fellows! I got to see friends some of which I had not seen for years. Fantastic, simply fantastic. If you could not come, gosh you really missed something. Make sure you come to the next one!!!


Stephanie Cole said...

Hi Andres,
My name is Stephanie Cole, I was on the management team that produced LinuxWorld/NetworkWorld, who hosted this year's Smalltalk Solutions.
The comment you made about the conference is great, thanks for the feedback.
I was wondering if it was alright to use your comment as a quote in future advertising for next year's event?
Please let me know by emailing me at,
Thanks so much!

Stephanie Cole
905.695.0123 x211

Andres said...

Stephanie, actually thank you and your team for making STS '06 possible!

Please feel free to quote what I wrote. I'd be more than happy to contribute making STS '07 a big success!

BTW, I used my STS t-shirt for the first time today... looks like a good omen to me!