Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Art of a different kind

I recently checked Farb-Rausch's web site to see what those guys had been up to. In case you are not familiar with them, they make absolutely incredible demos, these programs that produce an audiovisual show of astonishing quality in real time. Some of my favorites already included fr-025 and fr-08 for example. There is also a color roto zoomer in 51 bytes.

Back to the story. Indeed, they had made a number of them I had not seen. In particular, they released fr-034: life index. Unfortunately, a friend of theirs passed away while they were making it. I am really sorry they had to go through that sad situation.

Their pain is clearly reflected in the demo. While it is astoundingly beautiful to begin with, it also becomes shockingly moving when you consider the background. To me, it is an incredibly precious, delicate and extraordinary demostration of our capability to be artful.

Watch it. It's not even a large download, at only ~70kb.

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