Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Regarding the New York transportation strike

I have heard several people make comments regarding the MTA strike. Most of what I listened to was essentially visceral rage. How dare they, fire them, etc.

I wish we treated people like the MTA managers that stole 1 billion dollars in the same way. I wish we still remembered who is Kenneth Lay with similar fury and indignation.

But we do not. And in that way, we seem willing to punish what we perceive as union greed more harshly than corporate greed which costs us much more than a walking inconvenience, or even money. Because the people that repeatedly lie about polluting our environment, the people that rip our pensions and retirements apart, the corrupt people we vote into office, and the people that send us to a war for no reason... none of those people receive the treatment we are dishing out today.

So my friend... I hope we remember this day and muster enough indignation to do something when the issue at hand is much more important. Because when we do not do that, we do not amount to much more than the hypocritical behavior we fail to condemn.

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Anonymous said...

Well, just for the sake of argument, poor people who rely on public transportation get more sympathy from me than rich people gambling on highly speculative stocks like Enron (can anyone but a very small minority of shareholders even describe Enron's business plan?). YMMV.