Sunday, July 10, 2005

Regarding Dennis

As an expression of nature, hurricane-like storms are extraordinarily beautiful. When we see them in other planets, we seem unable to help thinking they are gorgeous.

There's not much more to say about the damage hurricane-like storms cause on this planet's landmass, though. I just wish we didn't get in their way.

Did you know the point of any storm, as far as nature is concerned, is to cool down the surface?

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tomas said...

I love those satelite images... it looks so calm and beatiful from up there that it is hard to relate to the destruction that actually takes place over the surface at a smaller scale. And the thought of the destruction can only add to my astonishment... it's the feeling of the sublime.

A whirlpool in the sink, swirling smoke from a cigarette, a tornado or a spiral galaxy. All are vortices that ocurr naturally at very different scales. So vortices seem to ocurr independently of scale. I think that's quite uncanny.