Monday, July 18, 2005

On code written under stress

So in my previous post I described how the stress created by having too many names in the execution context is an invitation to constraints just so that it's possible to cope with the situation, and how it would be better to create classes instead.

After some time, I realized something else.

If code is written under such conditions, then clearly it is written from a point of view where self is bound to the developer. Think of the implications for those reading the code later...

In any case, there won't be many occurrences of self being bound to the context where self itself has been written. Rather, self would mean something along the lines of:

  • goto: aNamedRoutine draggingTheseArgumentsAlong: aCollection
  • callFunction: aFunctionName withParenthesisThrownAroundAll: aCollection separatedBy: SyntaxConstants comma
How subtle yet profound is where self is bound when you implement things in a computer...

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