Saturday, July 23, 2005

News suck, man

This is not democracy, it is not civilization --- it is utter bullshit. And we do nothing about it, which is the most astonishing part.

How about the execs of a French bus company who decide to sue their passengers when they choose to carpool instead of using their service? Twice?

That's news I do not need to read. Back home, remember a corporation called SCO which started a smear campaign against Linux some years ago? Apparently, they knew it was false all along. They do not seem to have cared one bit about it.

From Wikipedia: The Corporation, a documentary exploring the psyche of the corporation, came to the conclusion that if the corporation can be regarded as a person, rather than a legal entity, as it is under United States law, its personality would meet all of the DSM-IV requirements for being a psychopath (such as conning others for profit and recklessness).


tomas said...

The Corporation is a good movie. If you enjoyed it, you may like Surplus: Terrorized Into Being Consumers... although I don't agree with all the ideas presented in that movie (for example, I absolutely agree on targeting the corporations' private property and if possible destroying all their assets, but I don't think destroying one particular McDonalds will make any difference, and ultimately the effect of that action is to make ordinary people regard the anti-globalization movement as mindless anarchism)

Andres said...

I don't think destroying physical stuff will have an effect on all this sickness. If anything, the reaction should be to stop buying for no good reason. I think that all these gross wealth distribution disparities can be traced to gross consumism behavior. Stop, and see the sick corporations' profits and power go away. But are we too hooked up on the drugs now?

And it's not as if you can declare that all corporations are sick. But certainly there's more than a few bad apples. So when all those jobs whose function is to increase the mess go away, we could cut the work week in half to compensate. Then people would hopefully be employed doing something useful for all others, instead of manufacturing weapons of mass destruction to kill those that are opposed to have all their rights taken away, their homes and relatives shredded by bombs, and their friends ran over by tanks.

Because in the end, wouldn't it be better to just go spend more time on your own stuff while respecting everybody else? That shouldn't be such a hard thing to do.

Andres said...

By the way, The Corporation was originally a ~3 hour documentary. Check it out.