Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Keeps going and going...

Not a long time ago I went to Chicago's planetarium, and it crashed. I saw several Windows XP error dialogs, how the BIOS counted RAM, and how the box rebooted --- all on the dome. Lovely.

So today I was zapping through TV before going to bed and... I found a channel with a win95 blue screen of death!!!

It has been like this for about 30 minutes already. It looks like someone must update some antivirus, or Windows completely. Directly from Optimum Cable's channel 77:


Invalid VxD dynamic link call from VSHIELD(01) + 00007732 to device '3FA1', service 8016.

Your Windows configuration is invalid. Run the Windows Setup program again to correct this problem.

To continue running Windows press Y or ENTER. To quit the current program press N. If you continue running Windows, your system may become unstable. Do you want to continue?

Press Y for Yes or N for No: Y

... did I mention the British Navy wants to use Windows on its warships, including their nuclear reactors and weapons?...

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