Monday, January 24, 2005

Stinker streaming videos

So... let's say you want to watch some nice Alan Kay videos such as those found in here. But one of them is a Windows Media Player video, and if you try to get it all you can save is a silly .asx file. Then you wonder where will you be able to save the video file if the site goes down.

But Net Transport will pretend to be a player and stream most videos down to a file, besides ftp/http transfers. That's nice! Yet... the video will be streamed by the server at whatever bitrate it was encoded at. So a long video should take a long time to stream down, right?

Not with Net Transport, because it will launch up to 10 simultaneous threads on the same file at different positions. Now that's an efficient video stream transmission! And now, if the site where Alan Kay's .asx video is decides to take it offline or otherwise becomes unavailable, it's ok because you have a copy :).

Silly typical streaming restrictions. Don't you hate it when something you saw or heard is pulled out of your reach?

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